There are currently two kinds of fruit nets used to pack fruits, vegetables, flower buds, wine bottles, etc.  The raw materials used are all polyethylene, but one is a non-foamed net cover and the other is a foamed net cover. Non-foamed nets are called knotless nets. What is the difference between these two?

Knotless nets:

This kind of small-package nets can be seen everywhere in supermarkets. Garlic, ginger, eggs, oranges, potatoes, onions. . . Many fruits and vegetables use this kind of net. They have strong telescopic force and large bearing capacity, so they have a wide range of applications.

In addition to packing fruits, knotless nets can also pack flower buds to artificially lengthen the flowering period and keep the flowers beautiful. Using this kind of nets can extend the flowering period by 7-10 days.

The knotless net can also be used to make bath balls. It is a necessity and a consumable in our daily life, and people consumes such products in a large amount, so the investment of such a machine will have a good profit.

In addition to the above usages, the knotless net can also be used for packaging wine bottles, used in aquaculture, etc., with a very wide range of applications.

2. Foam net cover

The function of the foamed net cover is different from the knotless net. It is mainly used to protect fruits/vegetables from bumping during transportation. The machine can replace molds and produce nets of different sizes for packaging fruits of various sizes and various vegetables that need to be handled gently during transportation such as apples, mangos, watermelons, etc.

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